APSI is using social enterprise as a vehicle to build safer, healthier, and more prosperous communities. 

We believe that everyone has the potential to effect change if they have the support and resources to do so, and we help them to do that through: investment and mentorship, research and advisory, and partnership and policy.




APSI examines problems and develops solutions through a 2030 Agenda lens, incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into all aspects of our work.

We work directly with social entrepreneurs, helping their ventures to grow and scale; and with communities and businesses to innovate their procurement and/or organization to maximize social impact. We also do research to look at what's being done, what needs to change, and how to do things better.



Projects + Research

Social enterprise and entrepreneurship is what APSI lives and breathes. From addressing the social determinants of health to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, APSI has worked across sectors and with organizations large and small to maximize their social impact.


Building Safer Communities
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Building Prosperous Communities
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Building Healthier Communities
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Leaders with a proven track record in business and entrepreneurship, social and community impact, and a legacy of creating lasting change.